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    Wood floors enhance the beauty of your home and raise its value. Over the years your wood floor accumulates marks and stains that can make it look old and worn out. Take pride in your floors so you can be proud of your beautiful home. We can refinish or repair your wood floors using eco friendly products for cheaper than market price, and best of all we offer 100% guarantee. 

    Important Tips.

    Our service includes all the essential wood floor treatment procedures such as:

    • •  Sanding
    • •  Screening
    • •  Sealing
    • •  Buffing
    • •  Waxing
    • •  Staining
    • •  Hi-quality polyurethane protection

    Floor Care after Refinishing 
    Protect your new floor investment and improve the value of your home by maintaining the quality of your wood floors with these helpful tips:

    • •  Wait 24-hours before walking on floors with stocking feet. After 24 hours you may walk on the floor with soft sole shoes
    • •  Allow 48 hours before moving furniture back on hardwood flooring (depending on type of polyurethane)
    • •  Allow 72 hours before allowing pets on the hardwood
    • •  Avoid cleaning your floors for 7 days.
    • •  Area rugs may be placed on hardwood flooring after 7 days.